Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Professional Cleaning Company

Carpet cleaning is a task that should be best left to the experts because they have the experience and the right set of tools to clean all types of carpets. However, you can’t blindly trust any professional carpet cleaning company without running a background check on them. There are certain questions that you need to ask before hiring a professional carpet cleaning company, which is exactly the core point of this post.

Questions to ask before hiring a professional cleaning company:

1.      Do you offer free estimates

It is important for you to get a few estimates in order to be sure about the company and its proficiency in the task.

2.      What methods do you use to clean carpets?

The most widely used carpet cleaning method is steam cleaning or hot water extraction. Besides the method, the experience and expertise of the technician are also of paramount importance because if he/she doesn’t know how to use the cleaning tools, then the carpet won’t be cleaned as effectively.

3.      Are you insured and bonded?

As carpet cleaning involves use of chemicals, therefore, chances of your carpet being ruined by them are higher, so it is suggested to ask the company if they are bonded and insured so that they could compensate for the losses easily.

4.      How long will it take for the carpet to dry?

The time taken by a carpet to fully dry depends upon the type of fiber used in the manufacturing of the carpet and humidity in the environment. The drying time can be reduced by turning on ceiling fans, opening windows or turning the heater on (in winters).

5.      Do you offer guarantees on your work?

With this question, you can really put the carpet cleaning company in a sticky situation, but don’t shy away from asking this question because the answer of this question will help you decide whether the company is genuine or not. Most companies offer guarantees on carpet cleaning, but then, some companies come with different conditions as well. Your responsibility is to ask all the details upfront.

6.      Can you show us the references/good testimonials?

Reviews and feedbacks given by previous customers definitely help make a decision about a cleaning company, so you must ask for those. If the company is hesitant about giving references or testimonials, then avoid dealing with such a company.  

If you have more questions to ask before hiring a professional cleaning company, then you mustn’t shy from asking those questions regardless of how stupid you think they are. It is important for you to clear all your doubts because after all, you are investing your time and money in them.

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