Do you clean your home or office windows regularly, yet they look blurry and dirty? You need to ask yourself whether you are cleaning the windows the right way or not.  

Cleaning windows is not a difficult job if you know how to use the right products in adequate quantities. If you have the right stuff at your disposal, then let’s begin with the tips to clean your windows.

Where to start window cleaning from?

You need to begin with cleaning the corners and openings of windows, which are usually the parts that accumulate the most dust and dirt. For this, you can use a bristle brush, a cotton swab or even a toothbrush. The vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning larger windows, where access is possible.

If the frame of the window is made of wood, then remove the dust with a cloth or mop. After that, you can use a cloth moistened with cleaning products or oil-based soap, which will a shiny look on the windows. It is also recommended to apply a protective layer or a furniture polish every three months.

If the frame is made up of aluminum or PVC, just use mild soap and water, plus a sponge or soft cloth. Be sure to wipe it dry to prevent staining.

Once you are done cleaning the frames and corners of the window, it is time to move onto the windows. The size of windows and the location you live in will influence the cleaning process. Moreover, if the windows are located at a height, then make sure to take all the safety measures before carrying out the cleaning task.

Surfaces out of reach

In this case, cleaning requires a little more care and more materials. You can use a bucket of water and a glass cleaner to clean hard-to-reach surfaces. Also, use a sponge with an extension cable to facilitate the cleaning of corners and areas, which are not that easy to reach. Do not forget the squeegee, which will help remove excess water and prevent stains on the glass when drying.

Keep everything within reach and start from the inside of the glass. Do not forget to protect the floor and surrounding area. Use the sponge with horizontal and vertical movements. Then, you need to hold the squeegee firmly and use it horizontally. If using a ladder during the cleaning process, make sure to have all the necessary safety items.

Greasy glasses

Greasy glass and windows require more effort. You need to begin the cleaning process with a degreasing liquid. Apply it on the glass, wait for a while and when you see all the grease getting removed from the glass, start with the normal window cleaning process.

External windows in apartments and hard to access areas

Do not take risks if access conditions do not allow easy and safe cleaning. In these cases, it is best to have a professional. Generally, cleaning the glass in places such as upper floors of homes, commercial spaces or apartments requires security equipment and specialized training, due to the difficulty in accessing these spaces.

The glass on ground surfaces

This is the easiest cleaning, precisely because of accessibility. It basically requires the use of a glass cleaner (available in most supermarkets) and dry, lint-free cloth. Apply the spray and wipe it with the cloth immediately. If the glass is very dirty, apply a cleaning liquid, and leave it on the glass for a few minutes. Then repeat the action.

Other tips

You can make glass and window cleaning an easier task by being aware of some general tips:

  1. Avoid cleaning windows on sunny days. The sun makes the applied cleaning products dry faster, making it easier to spot. Therefore, prefer to clean on cloudy days;
  2. Using paper towels for cleaning helps make the glass cleaner and brighter;
  3. Avoid using solvents or sponges and cloths with rough surfaces. This can damage windows and windows;
  4. In urban areas, cleaning of glass and windows should be done on a weekly basis, whereas in rural areas, cleaning can be done once every two weeks.

Bonus Tip: If you have no experience in cleaning windows, then leave the task to experts because you may hurt yourself.